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Updated January 2020
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This page is an ever-evolving list of my goals, short term, and long term, as well as a few of my recent accomplishments. These goals aren't just about art, but my life in general, some couldn't feel further away, while I am taking active steps towards others. The purpose of this list is also to supplement my CV and give you a window into my aspirations and life.

2020 Goals

● Grow and plant 500 trees

● Bike 100km in a day

● Take part in a gallery show

● Photograph or Document 100 Avian species

● Travel Solo

Long Term Goals

● Graduate from University or College

● Have my own Solo Show

● Publish a book

● Live in another country

● Support myself financially entirely through art for at least one year.

Current Focuses

● Currently, my top priority is my school work, graduating high school and applying to colleges and universities.

● Second, I am working to finish my 365 Challenge and develop my art.

● Third, I am teaching myself to propogate trees and plants in a personal effort to reduce my carbon footprint and make Halifax a greener city.

Recently Completed

● Raised $1500 to support The Grassroot Grandmothers and The Stop Alton Gas Fund.
Go Fund Me Campaign

● Built a coldframe and propogated 100 trees.

● Learned basic code and launched my own website ( 3 or 4 times, it's hard to get something right the first go round).

● Completed a 100 Day portrait challenge and turned people, my least favourite subject, into one of my favourites.

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